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Giveaways & Incentives

The $3,000 will be allocated as follows:
  • 1st Prize = $1,200 Shopping Spree

  • 2nd Prize = $800 Shopping Spree

  • 3rd Prize = $400 Shopping Spree

  • Member who sells most spots (see below) = $200 Shopping Spree

  • Member who refers the most Women Entrepreneurs to join our Business Network (see below) = $200 Shopping Spree

  • The remaining $200 will go towards offsetting any Consolation prize(s) & shipping 

Because this is an Event put on to support the Members of our Business Network, I am implementing a few new learn as you do these after all!

  • If you want to be chosen as one of the Members our WINNERS decide to support you have to purchase at least 1 spot in our Event - it is not fair to benefit from an Event you didn't support after all.

  • Maximum allowed to support one Member will be capped @ $200 as I want to see as many Members supported as possible - I firmly believe in spreading the wealth!

Spots are $5/each - send EMTs to:

I am going to run 2 FUN contests for our Members:

  • For the Member who sells the most spots they'll WIN a $200 Shopping Spree, if they happen to WIN either 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize we'll select the next Member in line to win.
    You can sell to family, friends, customers (think of your own private Facebook Groups), etc. just make sure you have a detailed list of names, number of spots and submit all payments as noted above!

  • For the Member who refers the most Women Entrepreneurs that actually join our Business Network they'll WIN a $200 Shopping Spree. Again, if they happen to WIN either 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize, we'll choose the next Member in line to win.

You will need to be a Member of our Facebook Network Group for the Event link to work, click the icon:

  • Facebook

Our $3,000 Holiday Shopping Spree Event was held on Wednesday, November 16th and was a success! We would like to thank all those who supported it by purchasing spots and to our generous Members who donated prizes to help us reach our goal!

Congratulations to the following Winners: 

Join our Business Network for a chance to WIN some great Giveaways while supporting our Members!

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