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We would like to take this time to recognize the following Members celebrating a Birthday this month by wishing them a wonderful day and great success throughout the year!

  • Helen Haggith | 3rd

  • Pamela George | 4th

  • Lisa Koppes | 5th

  • Jane Vienneau | 7th

  • Lisa Bisciotti | 10th

  • Michelle Morrison | 17th

  • Randy Mellon | 18th

  • Della Lambkin | 19th

  • Marcelle Velve | 19th

  • Karel Murray | 20th

  • Colleen Seguin | 21st

  • Lisa Deklerk | 26th

  • Amy Thibodeu | 28th

  • Angela Rioux | 31st

The MOMpreneurs of Canada wishes to celebrate the above Members of our Business Network and mark the occasion by sending each of them an e-Gift Card of their choice to either Starbucks or Tim Hortons to enjoy a special treat on their Birthday!

Join our Business Network and enjoy Benefits  such as this one for being a valued Member!

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